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To alleviate pain, increasing mobility in arthritic joints.
To ease stress and depression.
To promote sound sleep.
To aid the recovery of nerve sensation.
To aid recovery of torn ligaments, muscle and tendons.
To reduce bruising and swelling.
To speed recovery in sports injuries.
To increase resistance to infection.
To improve circulation/body and extremity warming.
To assist removal of waste products from the blood, ie. lactic acids, calcium, cholesterol and fat deposits.
To increase strength and energy.
To speed healing ie. bone fractures.
To help recovery or prevent onset of RSI.
To alleviate migraine and headaches.
To improve overall health.
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 SALE ON All Magnetic Jewelry: Copper Bracelets, Magnetic Bracelets, Hematite Necklaces, Hematite Bracelets, Rings and More.

 Important Notice: Copper Bracelets Can't Be Magnetized But In 1 easy step copper bracelets with inserted magnets become magnetic bracelets for arthritis same as magnetic hematite bracelets for men and women
 Statement: Every now and then, We get some questions by customers, Questions like, Why we use north polarity magnets on our magnetic products such as in our copper bracelets with magnets as copper finish link bracelets, The answer for instance: Our customers are mostly located within United States and Canada regions where is north polarity magnetic jewelry are more popular than any where else, So the answer remains within our customer's preferences.
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